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French Macarons


$21 per dozen, 1 dozen minimum order per flavor


French Macarons

$21 per dozen, 1 dozen minimum order per flavor

Serving Suggestions: If  you're serving the macarons as the main wedding cake I suggest allowing  3- 4 regular macarons per person. You might get away with  less, but generally people want more - they can be rather compulsive. If  they are a side addition to a larger cake or dessert, then 2  regular per person is probably about right, depending on what else is  served. 

Cinnamon French Toast: A sweet cinnamon shell stuffed with maple goodness. 

Fluffer Nutter: Peanut butter and a dollop of marshmallow fluff sandwiched between 2 shells.

Cookies & Cream: Cookie shell with rich cookies and cream filling. 

Mimosa: Orange zest shell with juice in the champagne-infused 


Zesty Lemon: An infusion of bright lemon citrus flavor

Red Velvet: Lush red shell and savory cream cheese filling

Raspberry Jam: A delicious raspberry center and powdered sugar shell 

S'mores: A rich chocolate ganache & marshmallow fluff between a chocolate and graham shell. 

Peanut Butter & Jelly: Creamy peanut butter filling and a grape jelly surprise in the center.

Thin Mint: Mint green Macaron shell is filled with a dark chocolate ganache.

Matcha Tea: A mild matcha green tea shell paired with the dark chocolate ganache.

Salted Caramel: A classic French cookie with a salty caramel center.

Tiramisu: Espresso kissed shell with a whipped mascarpone cream filling

French Lavender: French Lavender Shell with a Honey Buttercream filling

Funfetti: Traditional macaron exploding with sprinkles!

Blueberry Cheesecake: Blueberry cheesecake filling between to almond shells

Coconut: 2 almond shells with coconut filling sandwiched between them.

White Russian: A Kahlua laced filling sandwiched between 2 coffee kissed shells.

Triple Chocolate: Chocolate shells filled with a chocolate ganache and then dipped in Chocolate

French Macaron Towers and Party Favors will make a great addition to any event and can be customized for every occasion including Weddings, Baby Showers, Graduations, and Birthdays. Select a flavor or create a custom color or flavor combination that goes with the theme of your event!

When ordering quantities greater than 200 macarons or any customization, please place your order at least 10 days prior to your desired delivery date. Orders not placed within 10 days of desired delivery date are subject to rush fee.


The Large tower comes with 225 Macarons and a 10 tier display stand  $475

The Small tower comes with 40 Macarons and a 4 tier display stand $80

                                (Stands will need to be returned.)