Cake, Cupcake, and Cake pop flavors


Cupcake pricing is at the end of each flavor discription. This is the cost for one cupcake.


White Cakes

Vanilla Vanilla: Sour cream vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. $1.25 

Vanilla Chocolate: Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream. $1.25

Lavender: Lavender infused vanilla cake with a lavender buttercream. $1.25

Mock Angel food: Mock angel food cake with a White Chocolate ganache.  $1.75

Candy Bar: Vanilla cake, chocolate filling, and peanut butter frosting & drizzled with caramel. $2.00

Vanilla Raspberry: Vanilla cake with a raspberry buttercream top. Great with a raspberry filling! $1.50/$2.00 filled

Pink Velvet: Pink buttermilk vanilla cake with a white chocolate frosting. $1.50

Rootbeer Float: rootbeer cake with a vanilla bean buttercream. $2.00

Salted Carmel: Carmel cake with a vanilla buttercream, caramel drizzle, and salt sprinkles.  $1.50

Fruit & Nut Cakes

Strawberry Rhubarb:  Rhubarb cake, strawberry filling, vanilla buttercream, topped with a strawberry rhubarb compote $2.00  

Carrot: Carrot cake with raisins topped with a cream cheese frosting. $1.75           

 Try it with a cinnamon cheesecake filling. $ 2.25

Banana: Banana cake with cream cheese frosting. $1.50/ $2.00 filled

Coconut: Coconut cake with vanilla buttercream  and coated with coconut. $1.50/$2.00 filled

Lemon Cream: Lemon cupcakes topped with a vanilla buttercream. Lemon curd filling is a great addition.   $1.50/$2.00 filled

Strawberry Cream: Strawberry cake with a vanilla bean buttercream.  $1.50/$2.00 filled 

Blueberry:  Blueberry cream-cheese cake with a cream-cheese frosting $1.75/$2.25 filled

Chocolate Cakes:

Chocolate Chocolate: Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. $1.50

Chocolate Vanilla: Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  $1.25

Carmel Delight: Chocolate cake, caramel filling & coconut buttercream drizzled w/caramel & Chocolate. $2.00

Peanut butter Cup: Chocolate cake with a  peanut butter frosting & topped with a cup. Peanut butter filling is a great addition.  $1.50/ $2.00 filled

Reversed Peanut-butter Cup: Peanut-butter cake with a chocolate ganache frosting. $1.75

Chocolate Raspberry: Chocolate cake with a raspberry buttercream. $1.50/filled $2.00

Chocolate Marshmallow: Chocolate cake with a marshmallow buttercream. Great with a marshmallow filling.  $1.50/$2.00 filled

Worms in Dirt: Chocolate cake with a mouse filling and choc buttercream, topped with Oreos and a worm. $2.25

Hostess Cupcake: Chocolate cake with a cream filling and choc. frosting. $2.00

Red Velvet: Red chocolate cake and a cream cheese buttercream. Great with a Cheesecake filling!  $1.75/ filled $2.25

Turtle: Chocolate cake with nuts, caramel filling and a choc icing. Topped with nuts, choc., & caramel. $2.25

Tuxedo: Chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream. $1.50

Cocktails: (adult inspired but can be kid friendly)

White Russian: Light chocolate Kahlua cake with a vodka & Kahlua buttercream $1.75

Mimosa: Champagne and orange juice cake with a champagne and orange juice buttercream.  $1.50

Margarita: Lime margarita cake with a tequila buttercream garnished with a candy lime and straw. $1.50


Strawberry Daiquiri: Strawberry cake with a light rum buttercream. $1.50

Chocolate Merlot: Chocolate & merlot cake with a merlot buttercream.  $1.75

Irish Car Bomb: Stout chocolate cake, chocolate whiskey filling, & a Baileys buttercream. $2.25

Champagne & Strawberries: Champagne cake with a strawberry champagne buttercream. $1.75

Pink Champagne: Pink champagne cake with champagne buttercream  $1.50 

Rumchata:  Light cinnamon cupcake with rumchata buttercream.  Just like cinnamon toast crunch! $1.75

Cake and Cupcake fillings

  • Fresh fruit (strawberry, raspberry, banana, blueberry, etc)
  • fruit jams (apricot, blueberry, cherry, lemon curd, peach, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry)
  • marshmallow cream
  • coconut
  • caramel cream
  • peanut butter cream
  • cheese cake
  • chocolate mousse
  • cookies and cream
  • chocolate hazelnut
  • pudding (chocolate, butterscotch, coconut, banana)
  • I can also make a special request